What is the best way to sleep? The Good, The Bad and The Uncomfortable

What is the best way to sleep? The Good, The Bad and The Uncomfortable

Becoming A Sleep Expert All You Need To Know

What is the best way to sleep?

So how do you like to sleep? Most positions have their pros and cons, so you don’t necessarily need to spend all night trying to sleep in a position that won’t give you wrinkles –

unless you want to of course; and you probably won’t end up in the same position you fell asleep in anyway. However, if you are having trouble sleeping and fancy experimenting with some positions, this is what you need to know:

On your back is great for your spine and also your digestive system; if in doubt this is probably the ‘go to’ option; unless you have sleep apnoea or any other breathing related problem. In which case, you probably want to avoid your back.

If you must know, on your side is one of the causes of the aforementioned wrinkles; also if you sleep on one side more, it stands to reason that you will have one side of your face that is slightly more wrinkly than the other. You could spend time looking at the smooth side of your face, that you don’t sleep on, and wonder what could have been; or you could save up for just half a session of Botox. If those don’t sound appealing you could invest in a silk pillow – which prevents wrinkles – especially as sleeping on your side is better for breathing and can help you stop snoring.

Sleeping on your stomach can also stop you snoring; but it’s not all great, as it can give you an annoying pain in your neck and back. If you can, avoid it. Maybe it’s better to just snore.

Finally, the fetal position, which is very popular with babies in the womb. It’s also great for their mothers when carrying them. However, generally, too much scrunching can hurt your joints so maybe don’t go too fetal.

If you are having trouble sleeping, make sure you don’t check your phone too much! As fun as watching viral videos is and as addictive as reading social media comments are, you need to stop looking at your phone. The light is confusing your brain and stopping you from sleeping, so just put it down and close your eyes!